Meet the Maker | Paint Nail Lacquer

Meet the Maker | Paint Nail Lacquer

Peddle + Potter is very excited to share the story of Amy Pierce, who tells us all about her progression from being a professional interior designer to also being a business owner of the beautiful nail polish range 'Paint Nail Lacquer'.
As Jen and I are both working as design professionals and P+P business owners, we're feeling pretty damn inspired to see other strong women take the plunge in following their business dreams and making it a reality. We hope you are too!


Paint Nail Lacquer with Amy Pierce

Tell us about yourself and how you came to be a maker / owner of your creative business. What inspired you to be where you are now?

Paint Nail Lacquer was born because of my love of colour.  I am an interior designer and when I was working on projects and using the paint fan decks I would often find myself wishing I could have this specific shade in a nail polish. From here I combined my passions; colour, design and beauty. Paint's image is clean, minimal and classic with a strong design emphasis. 

Pale Glacier nail polish pictured here, Photo by Paint Nail Lacquer

How long have you been working in this role and what do you love about it?

I began Paint in August 2015.  I love that Paint is a platform for me to express myself.  
It brings me so much joy and satisfaction to continually grow and evolve my brand. Not only do I enjoy providing a product to the market but the process behind the scenes is what I find most rewarding. In particular I love taking the photos, creating a design aesthetic tailored to my personal style and demographic target market, brainstorming new collaborations and art direction for the coming year.  Paint really does allow me to be real. It is a creative outlet which I am genuinely so passionate about.

Coconut Cream nail polish pictured here, Photo by Paint Nail Lacquer

Tell us about your daily routine i.e. where is your business based, do you work within a team or individually, within an office or studio space?

My business is based in my home in Melbourne. I work solely however friends and family help me out by modelling for my reference images which I post on social media.  I still work as an Interior Designer.  However this year with the growth of Paint I have stepped back to 4 days to allow time to expand my label.  A week typically involves sales orders and invoicing, filling orders (wholesale and retail), taking new photos for social media (continually thinking of new ways to photograph my product and the colours in application i.e. lifestyle images) and research for new season colours.

Copper Blush nail polish pictured here - Photo by Paint Nail Lacquer 

What is the inspiration for your product range and what would be your favourite item in the collection?

The collection began with 12 colours. I have kept the range minimal, consisting of the must have colours of the new seasons. Through interior design I am able to gain additional perspective outside of the beauty and fashion world. I am constantly looking to colour forecasts i.e. Pantone for additional inspiration.
I don’t always stick to the typical idea of colours relating to a specific season. Ie Spring pastels. I choose colours which I believe to be on trend and trans-seasonal.
My favourite colours are Amazon Haze, Volcanic Ash & Tuscan Summer.

Amazon Haze nail polish pictured here - Picture by Paint Nail Lacquer

Tuscan Summer nail polish pictured here - Photo by Paint Nail Lacquer

At P+P we feel very passionate about supporting other local designers and makers in all aspects of their business. What is one piece of advice you would give other creatives when considering their own start up?

Action. Don’t overthink an idea too long just begin with action and the rest will follow. I have also found it very helpful to speak to likeminded people with similar projects to gain additional advice.  Social media is such an amazing tool which should be researched and utilised.  Don’t be held back by the fear of making mistakes as these are the most valuable learning tools and often a catalyst to move forward. 

What was the biggest challenge that you came across when starting your creative business and how did you overcome this hurdle?

Managing the financial side of the business. I am always very design focused and tend to neglect the accounting. However I have planned to start a new accounting software and online book keeping program which will help me better manage this area. I have also began to structure my week and set goals which need to be achieved by the end of this period.

Naked nail polish pictured here - Photo by Paint Nail Lacquer

There are so many beautiful Australian made products being released at the moment. Are there any particular designers, product collections or bloggers that you love and why?

Third Form is an Australian fashion label.  I love the minimalist sophistication of their designs, the material colours and textures which act as a canvas to highlight the female form.  Katia Carlotti is a potter who makes beautiful vessels using a hand built, pinching technique, using reduction fired stoneware. I love the neutral colours in her works and the organic shapes.  Andy Csinger is a fashion blogger who I love. Her style is clean and casual. She has a very relaxed streetwear look but still very polished. I think she has a similar aesthetic to Paint. Approachable fashion for everyday wear.

 Midnight Sky nail polish picture here - Photo by Paint Nail Lacquer

Are there any creatives that you would love to collaborate with and why?

This year I plan to collaborate with a creative each season. I plan on approaching people from many areas of design ranging from beauty stylists to fashion bloggers and fashion designers, furniture designers, interior designers, artists and even the food/hospitality industry.  I think this broad range of expertise will bring something really unique to my brand.  

Brooke Holm is an Australian/American photographic artist whose work captures landscapes, conceptual still life, considered interiors and architecture. I love her art direction and I think she could bring something really unique and special to Paint. 

Kirra Jamison is a Melbourne based artist. I have also recently started yoga in a studio called Good Vibes founded by Kirra which s all about good vibes and awesome yoga. She is known for her oversized abstract gouache paintings and silkscreens on paper. Her colour palette is beautiful so I would love to release a colour together.

What exciting things are you working on at the moment and what are your aspirations for 2017?

I am currently working on a collaboration with a beauty salon called Purely Polished. We are hoping to release our colour in the next couple of months. As mentioned above I plan on doing a collaboration with a creative each season.  Rebuilding my website to allow for more flexibility in the online orders, general branding & packaging material (eg nail polish boxes, personalised cards etc).  I also plan on releasing a non-acetone nail polish remover as this has been a regular request. I would also love to expand my range to include general nail care, gel nail polish and even potentially other beauty products such as lipsticks.  Being involved in events/markets such as ‘The Big Design Market’ and ‘Finders Keepers Market’.

Jennifer Hudson

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