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Large Soy Candle


SAIDE eco friendly soy candles are carefully handcrafted, locally in Melbourne, with a focus on good quality and locally sourced products.  With a sleek minimal and modern presentation, there is a selection of beautiful fragrances to choose from, all premium triple scented.

Product Details

  • Burn Time - Up to 70 hours
  • Wick - Wood
  • Lid - Wood


  • Tigerlily A subtle soft floral fragrance comprising with notes of Patchouli, Casaba Melon + a hint of musk.
  • Tangerine + Guava A zesty punch, this fresh fragrance contains notes of tangerine peel, geranium and fresh blossoms. 
  • Peony Blush A beautiful blend of velvety rose, peony, with hints of green tea, lavender and jasmine. 
  • Vanilla Oakmoss A twist on your typical vanilla fragrance - warm and woody, with notes of sandalwood, bergamot and cardamon. 

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