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Marble Basic Square Trivet



Founded by sisters Bliss and Bonnie Adams, Marble Basics creates timelessly simple and beautifully crafted marble objects.  This classic material, with endless veins and dense weighty structure, creates unique pieces that are a relic of the Earth and a moment in time.

  • Handcrafted white honed marble square trivet.
  • 100% Blanc Marble, 30cm x 30cm. 



Marble is a natural material with each piece having its own unique pattern and slight variations in colour, making each piece beautiful, so please be aware that the actual product will vary from the images shown. 

Marble is a natural, porous stone so be careful not to allow water or liquid to pool on the marble for long periods of time as it will soak in and possibly leave a mark.  Many of the marble products can be used in the kitchen or bathroom, however, please note that some soaps or lotions may contain acidic or oily ingredients that may mark the stone and leave a bruised, show appearance. In the kitchen acidic products such as lemon or vinegar, strong pigments like cumin or numeric, and oily products may dull or stain the marble. 

Marble is a fragile product, so please treat your Marble Basics pieces with love as they are breakable.  After use, wipe down the marble with a neutral cleaner like a mild dishwashing detergent with warm water, and pat dry immediately

If you mark your piece you can try to lift the stain with dishwashing detergent and warm water, if this fails, we do not advise any other home methods and if used these should be done so at your own risk.  Please don't worry if you stain your piece, small markings and 'patina' merely add character and appreciation of use and should not deter you from continuing to use your piece.  Welcome these unique qualities that add to the already beautiful natural material. 

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